Ozrakovići bb, 71300 Visoko, BiH
1972 - 1977 Founding / Espresso / Tea
  • Founded in 1972 as a part of the company Velepromet Visoko with the goal of processing and packing of coffee and a number of food products, and immediately became recognizable by the fried and milled coffee of ZLATNA DŽEZVA
    VISPAK continues to grow and in 1974 became the leader in the production of special ground coffee for catering and ESPRESSO coffee.
    In 1977, the production of tea at the then most modern IMA machines started.
1979 - 1985 Complete lines
  • The lines of powdered products and seasonings are put into operation in 1979. By moving into a new building
    In 1980, complete lines were installed: coffee, peanuts, powdered products and spices.
    Modern warehouses of raw materials, intermediate goods and finished products are being put into operation.
    In 1983, the production of peanut butter began.
    Production of Stampi Cream begins in 1985.
1987 - 1991 1,5 kg Espresso / Additives / Velepromet
  • The production of ESPRESSO coffee in a single 1.5 kg package, which still represents the most significant product in the VISPAK assortment, began in 1987.
    That same year, we began production of bakery additives in which we were leaders in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
    In 1988, by separating from Velepromet VISPAK becomes an independent organization. By adopting the Privatization Act, a change in ownership relations occurs, so that VISPAK becomes a joint stock company in 1991.
1992 - 1999 Choco milk / Export to Sweden / New machines
  • During the period of aggression against Bosnia & Herzegovina (1992-1995), in VISPAK, although in very difficult and complex conditions, the production process continuously keeps on working.
    Since 1997, the range of cream has been enriched with the cream of CHOCO-MILK, which quickly found its place on the market due to favorable price and high quality.
    By purchasing two MAISA 1998 machines, tea production has been improved and the most up-to-date world trends in this field have been adopted (packaging, black, flavored, green, fruit teas …). The production of soups and improved transport packages were developed in the same year.
    Significant moment in the development of VISPAK happened in 1998. With the export of our products to Sweden, it is marked as the beginning of export activities. Today, our export market consists of USA, Croatia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Austria, Slovenia, Australia, Montenegro, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Turkey, Germany, Macedonia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.
    Deciding on the development of the information system, the start of the production of cold ground and vacuum coffee and the improvement of packaging of powdered products by purchasing a new Wolpack machine, marking the year 1999.
2000 - 2005 ISO certificate / Flips / Guinness record
  • The year 2000 marked the process of project system management for quality and standard ISO/CD2 9001:2000, as well as the start of the first cafe shop in Visoko. Since 2001, we officially became proud owners of certificate ISO 9001:2000.
  • The same year we started producing chocolate products and we can proudly say that at the moment, this is the most competent domestic producer of chocolate.
  • In 2003, the production of SNACK started with a new line of flips as a new brand in the snacks program.
  • 2005 will be remembered as the year VISPAK has officially been named in the Guinness Book of Records with the largest Džezva in the world, from which we can taste the best Bosnian coffee – Zlatna Džezva.
2006 - 2010 Giveaway / Advertising / Superbrand / ASGROUP
  • 2006 marked the expansion of the distribution network, strengthening of the HORECA segment, micro-construction of the terrain, marketing support of sales both in the media and at retail outlets.
    In the same year, a national award “Gold Quest” was organized, which caused great interest, since the main prize was a kilo of gold.
    In addition to these awards, a number of awards were organized in cooperation with our key customers and this proved to be a full hit.
    2007 advertising videos for VISPAK soups were recorded, which were a good marketing support to the promotion of BOSNIAN CUISINE, which is an inseparable part of our business orientation.
    2008 The ZLATNA DZEZVA was proclaimed the Superbrand for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was another confirmation of the competence of the work we are doing. Along with the ZLATNA DZEZVA, all the values of tradition, experience, family gathering and the ritual of preparing and drinking true Bosnian coffee are related.
    At the end of 2010 the most significant change in the entire business occurred, VISPAK became a part of ASGROUP, which, besides VISPAK, consists of AS Jelah, Kent Visoko, Napredak Tešanj, Vemal Tešanj, Fortitudo Travnik, and Oaza Tešanj.
    In the next five years, the Group aims to become one of the five largest confectionery producers in South East Europe.
2011 - 2013 20 new products/ Tiru Liru & Tajna / Stampi blok
  • 2011 marks the project of introducing 20 new products that covered all VISPAK production programs, such as coffee program, ready-made dishes, chocolate program, snack and powdered products program, and these are high-quality domestic products created according to the world’s best quality improvement standards, with new tastes of modern and attractive packaging.
    We also promoted the first VISPAK Newsletter which best presented our successful business ventures.
    2012 was marked by the launch of new brands TIRU-LIRU and TAJNA.
    The chocolate TIRU-LIRU is intended primarily for children, which, with its imaginative design and three different tastes: milk, banana-cookies and fruit, won the hearts of youngest chocolate lovers.
    TAJNA is a brand of spice blend for the 10 most popular plates in this area, which, in a simple and fast way, enables the collection of the most favorite family dishes. It is a brand of VISPAK’s BOSNIAN CUISINE program which, with its quality and taste, corresponds to its unrepeatability and diversity of taste. It is a mixture of spices for the most popular dishes of local cuisine, but also some other, universal dishes from these areas.
    2013 begins with an investment in modern lines for the production of STAMPI BLOK, milk cocoa, chocolate eggs TIRU-LIRU and rice chocolate, which will complete the range of offers for the youngest. Also, Stampi Cream, which, with its design and excellent quality, reveals a new experience of pleasure in the taste of hazelnuts, chocolate and milk, has been redesigned.
2014 - 2016 Mr&Mrs Vi / Zlatna džezva 387 / Tako lako
  • 2015 – Improving the quality of cappuccino with new flavors under the Mr & Mrs Vi brand and the development of new flavors of tea
    2016 – in line with the needs of the market, the development of a new product ZLATNA DŽEZVA 387 g. The same year a new brand soup is brewing with a quick and practical application called TAKO LAKO
2017 - 2022 Sad pa sad / Dream espresso / Choco Club / IFS and ISO 14001 / New machines
  • 2019 – In accordance with the needs of the market and the fast lifestyle, the new product SAD PA SAD Zlatna džezva is developed for quick and practical preparation of Bosnian coffee. In the same year, Vispak presents the new espresso premium coffee “Dream” made from a specially selected mixture of the highest quality coffee varieties.
  • 2021 – In addition to the standards for quality in food production that it already has, Vispak d.d. is also certified by the IFS Food standard. In the same year, Vispak was certified with the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard. As the most competent BiH company for the production of chocolate, Vispak is making a new step forward in that category. Launch of new chocolates in weights of 28g, 42g, 80g and 100g. In the assortment we offer Milk board, Milk cream, Coconut cream, Hazelnut cream, Strawberry – yogurt cream and the innovative taste Zlatna džezva – coffee cream. In the same year, we developed a new dark-roasted Zlatna džezva for lovers of “slightly stronger” coffee.
  • In 2022, we will continue with innovations. “TAKO LAKO” Risotto is being developed for quick and practical risotto preparation. After a series of innovations and novelties in business implemented by the company Vispak, this year will also be marked by an investment in tea equipment with the most advanced production technology. We are adding new flavors Winter Melody, Mountain Tea, Cherry Tea to the existing range of tea along with innovative flavored sugars and a tea gadget.