Ozrakovići bb, 71300 Visoko, BiH

BH food industry Vispak is making a big investment in tea equipment with the most modern technology and innovations on the BH market.

The development of new tea flavors was done in cooperation with BiH partners and consumers. That’s why the new Vispak tea is a combination of expertise and consumer choice. The top performance of the new machine will produce high-quality Vispak tea with innovative additives that are not available on the BiH market. The most practical accessory for straining tea and flavored strawberry, pear and orange sugars. With modern technology and automation of production processes, Vispak wants to offer its consumers the European and world level of quality of its brands. In 1977, Vispak started producing tea using then-modern machines, and the quality of the tea itself has been improved several times over the past 45 years.

The new Vispak tea is available on the domestic market in 11 flavors: chamomile, mint, cranberry, forest fruit, mother’s shower, green, grape, mountain tea, winter melody and cherry.